Thursday 20th August 2015, Caryn and I went to the H&M store relaunch in Newcastle along Northumberland Street. Ironically she found out about this event from her friend in Australia who is an avid H&M fan….surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of indication that this was happening on Twitter or Facebook unless I missed it.

We went along at 9 am and joined the queue, excited to be one of the top 10 and got our lovely goodie bag containing foldable bags and a travel bottle kit, a balloon and a bracelet tag that allows us to get 25% off the whole day which is what we were after.



Hungry and tired as we didn’t have any breakfast as yet, it was lovely to see the ladies and gents from H&M was super hyper. Also, it was really cute to see them form a line in the middle of the street and do a dance!

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I adore this skirt on her!


You can’t see her but there is a DJ behind the massive balloons. Blasting upbeat tunes….all I needed were glowsticks and dimmed lights – we have a rave!


There were a lot of events on each floor. The women section had free ice cream. Choices include vanilla, raspberry pavlova, and salted caramel. I’m never one to say no to Ice Cream!



The store looked more inviting, clean and fresh. It is looking more organised than it was before.


And the children’s section, it’s the only time I wish I had a kid to bring here! They were giving away sweets and chocolates, face painting, and a balloon guy who creates all these awesome balloon animals and swords.

I mean seriously, who am I kidding, I had to had to have one! Took some persuasion pretending to be a ten year old haha but I got a little Monkey!  It’s too cute!


Oh and I also did get these beauties:

Link: V-Neck Dress – Cobalt Blue 

H&M 3

 Link: Red Draped Top

H&M 2

Link:  Jacquard-Weave Jacket – Black

H&M 1

I might just have to go back and check out their shoe collection.

Website here

Till the next one…

Courtney xx

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