Hurray for Hump day!

2 more days to the weekend peeps!

What do I want more on a hump day is a big fat juicy burger ..mmm….

Decided to venture into town and came across the Fat Hippo Underground located just off Grey Street. This was initially recommended to me by friends living in the Jesmond area – all of them raving about their offerings.

Fat Hippo Underground 21

What’s even better, are their lunch specials! Got to love special deals, don’t you?

By the way, this place is literally ‘underground’. We went down 2 flights of stairs into a sort of like a cave or dungeon hmm…with a bar… interesting!

Fat Hippo Underground 20

Fat Hippo Underground 18

Greeted by a lovely waitress who sat us down in the corner table.

Fat Hippo Underground 17

Fat Hippo Underground 14

Nice brick walls with burger art all around? ha! Everyone was so chilled out and it just had a great vibe. Did I mention that it got packed really quickly?!

Fat Hippo Underground15

Fat Hippo Underground 13

I know I said I love lunch deals but when I saw the Rib Dog on the menu, I just knew I had to have it! Sometimes you have to think with you stomach!

Fat Hippo Underground 2

Fat Hippo Underground friend

The food came in an enamel plate with a side of crispy fries with pickles, tomatoes and lettuce laid out on the platter which I thought is such a good idea, and good ol ketchup on every table *nice touch*!

Fat Hippo Underground 5

Just look at that dirty beast….thinking about it now just me want to ….mmm…

The brioche bun was soft and the pork was just to die for. It was succulent, full of flavour and so moist….and those fries are on point with their crispiness.

Fat Hippo Underground 4

Don’t you just want to lick the screen right now. Heck I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

Fat Hippo Underground 8

Look how massive those rings are!

Fat Hippo Underground 22

And a glass of Rosé to wash it all down mmm….

Fat Hippo Underground 3

Fat Hippo Underground 6

Fat Hippo Underground 16_20150603141816715

If you hadn’t try this, you have just got to…….it’s massive, complete filth, dirty and satisfying meal.

Hope you have a big mouth cause it might just fit!

The dinner portions are massive for me, I can suggest sharing with a mate but you know what, if you can’t finish it, get a doggy bag instead- it’s glorious for lunch the next day mm mm mm…

Just get messy with it…you know you want to…

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Till the next one

Courtney xx

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