Happy New Year! I’m going to write my list of highlights of 2015, yes I will!

I’m still in disbelief that it’s 2016 already! I mean how the heck did that happen!

Nevertheless, 2015 has been a world of firsts for me, it’s crazy to think how absolutely random this year has been. I don’t think I have ever had a year where I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions but nevertheless, they were all lessons and memories to be remembered.

I have made invaluable friends who kept me sane and grown closer than before which I forever will be grateful for.

Let’s not forget I took the bus for the first time to London via Megabus which wasn’t too bad for a fiver to be honest though I felt like I had come off a long haul flight when I arrived at Victoria.

Went to a Karaoke party though I managed to not sing solo hahaha shh…don’t tell anyone though I think everyone realised towards the end pah!

Went on my first Tinder date whoop! That was quite nerve wrecking but went surprisingly well. Haven’t touched Tinder since though…got bored with it though it is still an entertaining form of amusement with your girlies and a few drinks haha. Besides what happened to meeting men in a cafe or a bar …I wonder if this is still a thing!?

Also, I cannot forget that I actually lost 2 stones and managed to maintain it – you can read my previous post here on how I did it. Though I have to admit I did overindulged this Christmas but hey ho, you only live once. Still not going on a diet though but I definitely will be cooking loads more soon so watch this space!

One year anniversary of not eating bars of chocolate! *whoop**whoop* This has definitely been the longest I have ever gone without nibbling a bar of chocolate though lets face it, I’m not saying no to chocolate cake or brownies but this was still quite a feat cause as some of you may know, I used to inhale them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Saved a bit of money too *yay*.

And, guess what! I officially lived in Newcastle for a long time and never celebrated New Year’s Eve here ever! Can you believe that? I’m still surprised by this and to be honest, I didn’t have a clue about what to do. However through thorough investigations mainly on Twitter, I found out about the annual New year parade which starts at half 5 at Monument followed by a set of fireworks at 6pm near the Haymarket church, and topped off with another set of fireworks at midnight on the Quayside.

In all honesty, the 6pm fireworks were far better than the midnight ones, as that only lasted a whole five minutes without music and a countdown!!!

Here are some pictures of the parade – the theme seemed to be about monsters? I was well impressed with the crowd – no pushing, everyone was polite and all marched in an orderly fashion!

How I love Newcastle Quayside at night, you can see the Tyne bridge and Millenium bridge all lit up, and tonight all the boats were docked and their owners partying the night away.

Last but not least, I’ll never forget that moment when my seriously good friend and I were at St Sushi, Newcastle generally talking about random topics, and I mentioned how I always wanted to start a blog but you see, I think too much about things and have ideas but don’t execute them. He took my phone and within 10 minutes, got a domain name for me and a website, by the end of that evening, whatsupcourtney.com was born!

I now look forward to what sweet 2016 has to offer, though I am not a believer of New year resolutions. I am however going to live a life of no expectations and a good balance of everything.

So here’s to more laughter, fun, loads of travels and just plain living life to the fullest!

Just be you!

What are your highlights of 2015?

Courtney xx

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