I know I’ve been a bit useless recently, and hardly blogged recently.
But I have a good excuse!
Aside from making a wee bit of extra money – I’ve been on a little ‘oliday to Landaaan town!

For those who knows me well knows how much I love getting a good bargain. The adrenaline kicked in when I received the email from Virgin Train sales announcing ten pounds one way tickets to London.

Card at a ready, contacted my friends to crash with them and proceeded to purchase return tickets to London from Newcastle for only twenty pounds and trust me, that is a massive bargain (it’s normally 100 pounds return).

I honestly love London…family and so many of my close friends live there now.

I have always said that once I made my millions, I will move here. It’s always buzzing and busy, so many things to do! I do miss the city life but don’t get me wrong, I adore Newcastle but I’m a city girl at heart after being brought up in Jakarta and Singapore.

After a quick 3 hour train journey, I head to Paddington where my friend Dee is staying. It’s quintessentially upper crust English with white townhouses, squirrels, flowers and greenery and lovely cars!

London Paddington whatsupcourtney

London Paddington www.whatsupcourtney

A quick change of clothes and touch ups, we head straight to Chinatown for ….wait for it …DUCK at Four Seasons!

London Chinatown www.whatsupcourtney

This place is just famous for their roast duck, and always oranges for dessert.

London four seasons whatsupcourtney

London four seasons duck whatsupcourtney

Everyone walks everywhere here so pack flat shoes in your bag just in case. You can take the tube but its more fun to explore and get lost. Though GPS will be your best friend!

Thought we try something different this time, and went for Salsa lessons at Salsa!

It was an organised chaos, I adore salsa but Dee has never tried, but in all honesty, I felt a bit intimidated, not sure why. You know when you have to trust your instinct and sit at the sidelines for once. But it is such a great idea for a date night or to meet men/women, it’s only 6 pounds for an hour, and they have separate lessons depending on your skills from beginner to advance.

London Salsa whatsupcourtney

We left after an hour of watching and chatting, and set off to tour the area…eventually arriving in Soho. I dragged Dee to a bar called the Friendly Society which my mate G introduced me to.

It’s so well hidden,  a door tucked away in Soho, stairs leading down to the bar and it’s interesting. They have barbie dolls stuck on the ceiling and vines around the bar area.

London Friendly place whatsupcourtney.cmo

London Friendly place dolls whatsupcourtney

After one drink, we head off to Princi in Soho. An Italian restaurant with the worlds nicest bouncer, I’m telling you, he was super friendly.

The concept here is simple, it is like a buffet, all the food are laid out and you select what you want and pay at the end.

Ordered the Boston cream cake and Praline brownie, always a winner. One is light and the praline was quite heavy and sweet so it was a good mix.

London Princi Boston Cream cake

London Princi Praline cake

Never thought that this happens in London because it is quite notorious that people are not so friendly as they are in Newcastle, but things happen when you least expect it. We ended up making friends with two men we sat next to. Love it when this happens. Makes you feel like anything can happen don’t you think?

I’m determined to make this trip all about randomness and getting lost …but more on that tomorrow 🙂

Courtney xx

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