Remind me to bring a brolly next time I go anywhere, honestly I got so drenched in this blooming English Weather. Clearly my coat hoodie didn’t suffice.

Nevertheless, the rain did clear up and I was in the mood to explore the city.

We were walking distance to most places, after bit of ‘ohh and ahhing’ at pretty cafes and houses.

Said a quick hello to Sherlock Holmes along the way …

sherlock whatsupcourtney

and somehow, we ended up in Hyde Park.

Next time ladies and gents, bring your running shoes cause the view is just amazing and I don’t mean the greenery if you catch my drift ;).

Hyde park whatsupcourtney

Hyde park whatsupcourtney2

Hydepark whatscourtney5

Hydepark whatscourtney6

Hydepark whatscourtney7


Hydepark whatscourtney8

Say hello to Peter Pan! Play the music on this website – takes you back to when you were little.

Peter Pan whatsupcourtney

Peter Pan whatsupcourtney3

Did you know there is a spot in Hyde Park where you can feed parakeets. It’s so beautiful.

Parakeet Hydepark

You can coax them to sit on your hand provided that you have food cause yes, these pretty little things are not stupid. I tried and this one looked at me sarcastically.

Parakeet Hydepark

I mean, seriously, look at the eyes! Can’t fool this kid eh!

Parakeet Hydepark whatsupcourtney

Parakeet Hydepark

Dee said people come and instagram them, makes for a good pic actually.

Parakeet Hydepark whatsupcourtney 1


I want a dog so badly, maybe in the future when I have a house.

Hyde park whatsupcourtney3

We walked and walked all the way to MarbleArch then decided we need food, and took the tube to Covent garden.

Marblearch whatsupcourtney

Now listen, unless you are up for a fitness challenge or well really fit, take the lift in Covent garden tube. I took the stairs once and thought I was fit, i mean it’s only over 100 steps, how bad can it be! Yes, it was bad, nevertheless, I liked to think I burnt enough calories for the food I’m about to inhale!

Finally got to try Busaba Thai!  and it was amazing!!!!!!! Everyone I know just raves about this place so expectations were high and it didn’t disappoint. Bonus: They had a promo offer of 25% off with use of their app.

We had Padthai, Fish curry, the best chicken wings ever, and coconut rice to share!

Busaba thai whatsupcourtney 2

Busaba thai whatsupcourtney

Busaba thai whatsupcourtney7

The concept here is simple, they have square seats and you share with other people unless you have the window seats. But I’m so used to sharing, it’s pretty common in Asia, and a good way to meet people if they are friendly enough I guess.

Busaba thai whatsupcourtney 3

Though one problem I had was the bathroom. I mean I was bursting and this happened. Like a riddle before you enter. Good thing I got it eventually although it took a minute cause I can hear someone using the hand dryer in the men’s! Imagine the awkwardness if I got it wrong, aih!

Busaba thai whatsupcourtney 5

Comment when you figured it out 😉

Courtney xx

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