I have this problem.

I love socialising with friends but now I’m lacking some to do crazy random things with because half of them moved down south.

Also have you ever made plans so far in advance that when it comes around, the plan fails to transpire?

However! Spontaneous plans always turn out really well?

So a couple of weekends ago was completely random. Had a brilliant catch up with a good friend of mine at lunchtime,  I was so jealous that she got tickets to the Rugby world cup (New Zealand vrs Tonga) and the NFL in London as well!

It is one of my dreams to watch the Haka live by the All Black New Zealand team. There’s just something chilling about it that I just love. Besides, what’s not to like about Rugby – big hunky men with those thighs and that butt!

I seriously wonder how many squats they do cause I want an ass like that!

The best text I have gotten recently was after our lunch, she messaged to ask if I wanted a ticket for the match cause one of their mates dropped out! You know when you just can’t believe your luck?

9th of October 2015, there I was in St James’s Stadium, Newcastle in the midst of a multi international crowd wearing red or black chanting doing the Mexican wave twice. We had brilliant seats, behind one of the goal post and….wait for it…..the All Blacks are on the opposite end so we had a good view of their HAKA!

Rugby 8

Rugby 4

rugby 3

rugby 2

rugby 1

Rugby 5

Rugby 9

Rugby 10

You know when you attend a concert and you video the concert, basically watching it through your camera?!

Well, I thought this time, I’m going to soak the atmosphere up and watch it through my own eyes, hence the shaky camera movements below but absolutely no regrets at all!

That’s one thing off my bucket list!

Psst check out my other post to see what St James’ Stadium looks like without the crowd.

Now to figure out what to do next ha!

Courtney xx

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