Social Media Consultancy

Do you need help with social media to launch your business or to generate more leads for your business?

Social Media will help market your brand to a broader audience, either locally or worldwide depending on the type of your business.

What I can help you with:

Expand your business across Social Media platforms, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Depending on the type of business, we can include Tripadvisor, Pinterest and Tik Tok.

Provide captions that speaks about your brand and appeals to your audience. Photography of your business is available if your business is within Newcastle Upon Tyne and nearby areas.

Facebook and Instagram ads – help to organise and set it up to generate leads or sales.


Hair by Ruth Codinha

Female owned hairdressing business in Newcastle Upon Tyne focusing on curly and Afro Caribbean hair. I came in to help my client after establishing her own salon and revamped the salon’s social media account and method of social media. Introduce Facebook Ads in the beginning, and now maintaining the salon’s social media account. Over the last 3 years, there’s been an increase in clients and customers which was the end and continuing goal.

Status: Ongoing

Albufeira Cafe

A Portuguese cafe recently opened in Newcastle Upon Tyne in August. Worked with the owner to successfully establish her brand from the start and spread the word on her cafe to the local and nearby areas.

This project started before the opening to generate interest at first and setting up the cafe’s Social Media accounts from scratch and continued to work on the Cafe’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Photography was included in the package plus Tripadvisor and creating a viral video for Tik Tok that boosted Instagram. Additionally provided advice on Google business and reviews.


Facebook 800 likes and Videos generated over 1k views | Instagram 450 followers with over 500 reach on each post | Twitter: 92 followers |

Tik Tok: 45 followers, 1000+ likes in total with 3 videos – 2 over 400 views, 1 video over 22k views. No ads were generated during this contract – all growth was done organically. The owner hit her target sales from her first day of opening on the 1st of August.

Status: Completed (6th July to 6th September)

If I can help you with your business, do drop me an email at for rates and discuss what your interest is.