Disclaimer: I was the Social Media Consultant for the cafe, throughout my time here from the beginning before opening), I learned how they made their hot food and the different varieties available. The opinions on this post are all of my own opinions and pictures as well, the food showcased are those which I have personally eaten and/or purchased myself. This was written just as my contract ended.

Portugal is truly a gem of a country. Hot sunny weather, amazing people, and the food! Oh, the food is delicious! True to nature, and new to the Newcastle Upon Tyne food scene, Albufeira Cafe promises all of the above and more.

Light and airy seating area with hanging plants by big windows
(Seating Area by the window)
The food and reception area at a Portuguese Cafe
(Come by here to place your order and have a look at their pastry selection)

Their Famous Pastel de Nata

Albufeira Cafe is bringing Portugal to Newcastle with their light and airy premise on Westgate Road, and their famous Pasteis de Nata! It’s truly a delicious little tart, make sure to have it with some cinnamon and icing sugar!

Here’s a Portuguese know how – Pastel de Nata is singular and Pasteis de Nata is plural! They are these moreish custardy and flaky Portuguese Custard tarts, having only one is almost a sin! Two is a good number for these tasty treats.

Flaky, thick sweet custard and delicious pasteis de nata or known as Portuguese custard tarts - this was at the Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle UK - www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Pasteis de Nata)
Inside the Pastel de nata, Portuguese custard tarts in English. The thick custard is sweet enough, thick and creamy, and flaky around the sides. It's from the Portuguese cafe in Newcastle UK - www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Pastel de Nata)

Savoury Treats

Imagine sitting by these big windows on a sunny day, sunshine pouring in, upbeat Portuguese music surrounding you with your espresso, Pastel de Nata, and a Bacalhau.

What’s a Bacalhau you asked? Tasty little morsels of fried mashed up codfish and potato, and incredibly moreish. It’s very savoury, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. And what’s even more delicious is their Rissois. Try their chicken or prawn Rissole. Both are incredible and my favourite has to be the Prawn, it’s creamy inside and fried dough on the outside. Gosh, I’m getting hungry writing this now!

Cosy Window Seating area with high chairs looking out to the street
Bacalhau. a deep fried Portuguese cod pastry from Albufeira cafe, a Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Bacalhau, cod pastry)
Prawn and Chicken Rissole, a fried dough filled with either prawn or chicken filling from a Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Chicken and Prawn Rissole)


Breakfast is a toastie affair, ham & gooey cheese with Sourdough bread or their vegetarian Tosta Verde with Mozarella, pesto, and peppers. Soup is also on their menu serving Caldo Verde, a bowl of creamy soup with collard greens and chorizo, also on their menu is their carrot and spinach soup but I heard their variety of soups may change every so often so do ask beforehand.

Instead of visiting Greggs, you can try their homemade Merenda, ham, and cheese in puff pastry pasty or a veggie version filled with mushrooms, ricotta, and spinach – dare I say, it’s fresher and tastier than some of the ones in Greggs!

Veggie Merenda filled with ricotta, spinach and mushrooms plus 2 natas and a compal drink from Albufeira Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Veggie Merenda with Mango Compal)


For lunch, have their House Special Bifana. A sandwich, actually its more than a sandwich. A soft crusty bread filled with flavourful marinated pork slices with hints of garlic, onion, and white wine, a fried egg, sauteed onions, and add cheese and ham to the mix, and you have the special Bifana. Do add their Portuguese mustard which has less of a kick than the English mustard and definitely add Piri Piri sauce – you get the best tasting Bifana ever!

If you’re gluten intolerant or fancy their rice, try their Bifana on the plate, which consists of pork slices, salad, rice or chips, and a fried egg.

This is the house special bifana sold at the Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, very traditional Portuguese sandwich with egg, marinated pork slices, ham and cheese - www.whatsupcourtney.com
(House Special Bifana)
This is the Bifana on a plate, you get slices of marinated pork with a fried egg, salad and chips or rice at the Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle UK - www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Bifana on a plate)

Dessert or Sweet Treats

For dessert or an all-day must-have in my eyes, their Bolo de Arroz is an interesting one and a blessing, it’s a Portuguese Rice cake which is similar to a moist muffin, not too sweet and delicious (especially with an espresso). Their Bola de Berlim is a giant custard doughnut with sugar all around … I mean…it is hard not to have this when someone tells you it’s a giant doughnut! It’s soft, custard filling, and everything you’d want in a doughnut especially a GIANT doughnut.

Bolo de Arroz, a Portuguese rice cake very similar to a moist muffin, not overly sweet and very delicious. It's from the Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Bolo de Arroz, Portuguese Rice Cake)
Bola de Berlim, a giant custardy doughnut which is very popular in Portugal. Commonly sold at the beach. This one is sold at a Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle UK - www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Bola de Berlim, a giant custard filling doughnut)


Let’s not forget their drink selection. I keep hearing everyone loving their pineapple Sumol, and everyone is not wrong. It’s fizzy but not as fizzy as cola with a deliciously refreshing taste of pineapple. Compal is their juice option with flavours like peach and mango. Mango is always a good idea. The star for me is their coffee, a seemingly popular brand called Delta, they make it strong, not burnt, and has a good flavour. You’ll turn into an energizer bunny after one in a good way.

Pineapple Sumol, a refreshing fizzy drink taste exactly as it says on the tin and not very fizzy, it's from the Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, www.whatsupcourtney.com
Mango Compal juice from the Portuguese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne, www.whatsupcourtney.com

Albufeira Cafe Newcastle opening hours

Albufeira Cafe is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, and I know they take phone orders from Monday to Thursday which is super good for getting their custard tarts or ordering for your lunch for collection. No bookings are required and sit-ins are welcomed as a first come first serve basis. They also accept card and cash payments.

Food and travel writer Sarah Courtney enjoying Portuguese treats at Albufeira Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne - Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
(Their wall of famous places in Portugal – a very Instagramable wall)

Visit and you’ll feel like you’re in Albufeira by the coast and ignore that you’re in Newcastle for a moment. Don’t be shy and try everything! They are constantly adding new things to their menu especially on SATURDAYS so do keep a lookout for it. Previously they had Moelas, a chicken gizzard stew which was surprisingly delicious! (Especially with rice).

And while you’re here, check out how many landmarks you can spot on their wall!

Phone: 0191 447 0700

Address: 179 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6AA

Courtney xx

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