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Tokyo oh Tokyo! A city that probably never sleeps! An area that is pulling in the adventurers, the tourists, the business crowd and locals alike is at Roppongi. Fear not, even though it does have the reputation of nightclubs and parties which is undeniably true – yet the location is unbelievable! Candeo Hotels Roppongi is by the subway station, Don Quijote, Ichiran and so close to Shibuya, Harajuku and Tokyo Tower of course!

Here are 8 compelling reasons why you should stay at Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo:

1. Location Location

Which traveler are you? The family holiday kind or on a business trip or perhaps the adventure cultural or solo type? Roppongi will be a good fit, regardless of what you may hear of it, it’s safe!

For your shopping needs, Don Quijote is 5 mins walk and it is actually quiet unlike the ones near Asakusa, and don’t forget to go to the Tax cashier section.

Ichiran, the famous ultra-delicious ramen is 10 minutes walk and open 24 hours! The best part? NO QUEUES unlike the one at Shibuya! There’s also a great Udon and Ramen places plus a Kakigore shaved ice spot next door, and abundance of bars if you fancy it.

And Tokyo Tower is so close!

The convenience of it all? The Roppongi station is 5 minute walk away and this location is very close to Shibuya and Shinjuku by subway – JR line is valid here too.

Here are 10 Great things to do in Roppongi and food reccomendations

2. A warm welcome at check-in Candeo Hotels Roppongi

Decked out in a light gold interior decor and grand chandelier, Candeo Hotels Roppongi reception is a welcoming environment on the third floor. Checking in takes a mere 10 minutes, the reception staff explains the services of the hotel, and how to use the Sky Spa and the key cards. The key card you receive is dependent on your gender for the Sky Spa. White card for female and brown for male. Keep them safe as you need them to use for the lift to get to your room.

Oh don’t forget, the hotel has 2 entrances, one with stairs to the second floor and the other just around the corner leading to the first floor are for those with luggage.

The grand entrance and reception, decked out in light gold finishes and a beautiful modern chandelier to welcome your stay | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

3. Beautiful Room with a Tokyo Tower view!

In Japan, space is a luxury! You’ll find Japanese hotels provide the size of their room online and don’t be surprised if most are smaller than what you may be used to. Candeo Hotels Roppongi is quite the exception, their rooms range from Twin room and to a Deluxe King Room with a city view.

My room was located on the 16th floor – the deluxe king room with the city view. It’s a room with a view you dream of. There’s a king bed with fluffy pillows and soft duvet where you roll around 3 times and not fall over the edge. There’s a large flat screen tv, AC plus heater, room for your luggage and a window day bed looking out to Tokyo Tower!

And best of all the view is magnificent during sunrise, the day and especially at night – you’ll watch Tokyo Tower change colour!

Relaz at the spacious Deluxe King Room with a city view of Tokyo Tower and lounge by the day bed | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Night time view from the Deluxe King Room - a beautiful view of Tokyo skyline and Tokyo Tower | Read more about it at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Nighttime from your bedroom window
Day time view at your deluxe King Room of tower tower with a cup of tea and delicious cake | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Daytime view from your room daybed overlooking Tokyo Tower

4. Proper Japanese Bathroom

You’ve seen it on Youtube, you have read about it and now you can experience it for yourself! The Japanese toilet! It is as wonderful as you imagine it to be and more! Imagine heated seats as soon as you sit down, and there’s an inbuilt bidet where you can adjust the pressure!

The Bathtub is deeper than those in England, and as most Japanese people love taking baths, it is designed for a good soak. There’s also a shower built-in plus body shower, shampoo, and conditioner at your disposal. Towels are changed daily. If you don’t want your room cleaned that day, they will leave fresh towels outside your room in a package.

Experience the Japanese toilet with seat warmers and a strong shower with bathroom amenities like shampoo, conditioner and gel provided at Candeo Hotels | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

5. Room Amenities

There’s nothing better than being in a hotel room designed to meet your comfort especially when you might have forgotten your essentials.

Don’t worry, Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo got your back! In your room, you have an amenities box.

Inside, you have a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shower cap, razor, shaving cream, loofah, cotton buds, and makeup pads. There’s bottled water available though the tap is drinkable water in Japan. Plus there are a big kettle, cups and glasses and sachets of tea and coffee available. And an ice Bucket, because there’s an ice machine on every floor should you require it.

The best part? Soft pajamas are provided by the hotel to use within your room or around the hotel. And bedroom slipper because its customary to take off your shoes at the room foyer and wear slippers in the room (your shoes are dirty basically).

There’s also a refrigerator! Not very common in hotels nowadays.

The most important thing – there are plug sockets dotted around the room and over your bed. Perfect when you have 5 devices to charge!

The incredibly spacious King Bed and soft pajamas are provided to use around Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo| Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
The room amenities provided by Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo - you are given toothbrush, comb, razer, shaving gels plus tea and coffee | Read more about it at www.whatsupcourtney.com

6. Sky Spa at Candeo Hotels Roppongi

A beautiful rooftop modern onsen in central Tokyo with amazing views and of Tokyo Tower too. It’s open from 3 pm and overnight till 11 am the next morning. It’s perfect after all day of exploring or meetings, and take a bath there first and jump right in. There are a sauna and 2 onsens – indoors and outdoors. It has all the amenities to make your spa experience comfortable. From lockers to put your things away to hairdryers and shampoo plus makeup remover kits.

You absolutely cannot miss this experience, especially if you don’t have time to visit an actual onsen, this will be quite the experience on its own!

Like other onsens, there are facilities to wash yourself first before entering the hot bath. Shampoo and shower gel are provided plus face wash as well | Read more about it at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Big and spacious sauna included as part of the Sky Spa facility | Read more about it at www.whatsupcourtney.com
The beautiful and relaxing Sky Spa - a rooftop onsen with both indoors and outdoors at Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

7. Breakfast for Kings and Queens

I don’t know about you but I value a good breakfast. It’s one of the things I look forward to in a hotel, and Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo did not disappoint.

This is a mix of Japanese and Western, and it’s a very good opportunity to try a proper Japanese style breakfast. I am a firm believer when you’re in a new country, you have to their cuisine at least once!

Breakfast is a buffet style. You have the continental breakfast with soft fluffy croissants, bread with a toaster, sausages, bacon, cereal, yogurt and coulis with fresh fruits, and an actual honeycomb section which I rarely see in hotels! Plus there’s hot food such as French stew, aubergine stew, sweet corn soup, chicken teriyaki and, locally grown vegetables with fried rice and fried noodles.

Japanese breakfast includes Natto, grilled fish, taco rice which is taco meat and you eat with rice (try it! it’s good), Miso soup and sweet omelet which is a must-try cause you will not regret it – it’s so good!

And if you can, try all the 10 condiments provided too!

As for families with children, they have a special plate and cups for your little ones so they won’t miss out on the fun!

The pristine modern finishes at the breakfast dining area at Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Breakfast is possibly one of the best things of staying in a great hotel. You get served a buffet style of Japanese and Western cuisine with a great selection of drinks and condiments
Childrens tray, cup and cutlery for your little ones when dining at Candeo Hotels Roppongi Tokyo during breakfast | Read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Tray, cups, and cutlery for children at breakfast

8. Hotel perks and amenities

Unlike most hotels I have visited, this one has it’s own laundry machine! Yes, a laundry machine that became my new best friend. Why? Because I had an abundance of clothes that needed washing. Tokyo was surprisingly warm when I visited and Laundry is a welcome service. It cost around 400 yen with wash and dry plus detergent.

And they provide a weighing machine or scales within the Sky Spa. I found it useful to weigh my bags before leaving so I won’t be overweight, It turns out I was under (Should have bought more KitKat!)

Plus each floor has an ice machine and a film rental service for 1000 yen (I haven’t used it personally). And for those of you who smoke, there’s a smoking room the Sky Spa as the hotel is non-smoking.

Hope you enjoy your stay! And let me know what you think of their Sky Spa!

Address: 6 Chome-7-11 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan

Phone: +81 3-5413-6950

Website: https://www.candeohotels.com/en/roppongi/


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