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Osaka is known as the kitchen of Japan and rightly so! As soon as you step off the station, your senses are flooded with delicious smells and sights of food you just want to grab and tuck into. If you are looking for a place to stay, Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba is located in the Minami area, and conveniently only 5 to 8 minute walk from the famous Dotonburi street. This guide will provide an insight on how to get here, nearby attractions, food and supermarkets, and of course, the room and amenities.

Address: 2 Chome-2-5 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan

Nearest station: Nagahoribashi station

Website: https://www.candeohotels.com/en/osaka-namba/

Candeo hotels Osaka Namba building very close to Dotonburi street and streetfood - - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

Checking in at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba and how to get here

Arriving in Osaka’s main train station from Kyoto, use your Suica or Pasmo card and arrive at Nagahoribashi station. Walk 5 to 10 min straight line to Candeo Hotels. Greeted by grand sliding doors leading up to the main reception. The staff here are incredibly amiable and fluent in English as well. Very helpful that they are willing to print out my reservation tickets for me. What I didn’t realise was Candeo Hotels Osaka is an associate hotel with Universal Studios meaning you can purchase your tickets at the front desk!

The grand entrance and reception area at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

Location & Famous attractions near Candeo Hotels Osaka

Location is one of the most important factors for me. Candeo Hotels in Osaka is located at the vibrant downtown centre of Minami area. Ideally very close to the famous tourist Dontonburi street where it feels like the Vegas strip for food and shopping.

Aside from the ramen places and street food, you’ll find nearby the hotel are 24-hour shops and Konbini shops like Family mart, and there’s even a proper 2 story supermarket next door called (Aeon) Foodium Higashi shinsaibashi. Their prices are cheaper than the convenient shops, and sell food and sandwiches that you can heat up with their microwave (they are discounted at night).

Foodium Address: 1 Chome-5-9 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan

Famous Attractions nearby:
  • Dontonburi Street – 5 to 8-minute walk, turn right as you exit the hotel and walk straight down, you’ll pass the canal too.
  • Don Quijote – The famous shopping chain in Japan is an only 10-minute walk – there’s a big Ferris wheel above the shop too! (It’s near the Glico man along the canal.
  • Osaka Castle – 4 stops to Morinomiya Station and from this station, you have to walk at least 15 mins around the castle grounds to reach the stunning Castle
  • Universal Studios – 5 stops to Taiso station, then change to Osaka loop line (2 stops) and change to Sakurajima line (2 stops).
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan – 1 stop from Sakaisuji line to Sakaisuji Hommachi line and change to Chuo line (6 stops) to Osakako station and walk 9 mins to the Aquarium.

For first time travellers to Japan, it is worth reading Travel tips before you come visit Japan.

What are the rooms like at Candeo Hotels Osaka?

Ranging from Queen, Twin and King room plus a beautiful Suite for that extra indulgence. There’s choices to accommodate your needs, and children under 11 years old stay for free!

My room is the executive King Room with a city view with a delightful modern airy decor, and you’ll want this for the view itself! It’s gorgeous at night!

Room amenities include a window day bed, a spacious king bed – big enough to fit for a King, Queen, and their 2 little ones. A refrigerator, desk, kettle, tissue, notepad, hanger space and suitcase space plus room freshener and tea/coffee are included. The one thing I like – there are multiple plugs around (I normally have at least 5 things to charge overnight!).

Let’s not forget the complimentary pajamas and bedroom slippers where you can freely use anywhere within the hotel!

It’s your home away from home!

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Enjoy the Osaka Skyline from the comfort of you Deluxe King Room at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Executive deluxe King Room on the 16th floor with a window day bed and King bed - - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
A huge King bed fit for 2 adults and a child on the 16th floor - the executive deluxe King room - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

The Bathroom

Experience the wonder of the famous Japanese toilet with a seat warmer that is heated when you sit on it. And a very handy bidet where you can customise the pressure! Japanese loves taking baths and you’ll notice the bathtub is rather deep and not very long – You will fit don’t worry! The shower pressure is divine!

Additionally, there’s bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, shower cap, toothpaste, razor, shaving gel and glasses in case you forgotten to bring yours. Towels get changed daily! If you don’t request a room clean – the staff will leave fresh towels outside your door.

Bathroom with a deep bath, toiletries included and an amazing multi functional Japanese toilet at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

The Sky Spa at Candeo Hotels Osaka

As you are probably aware, Candeo Hotels Sky Spa is famous! Their Osaka Namba is no exception and possibly the biggest one I have experienced!

You are given a special key card which also serves as your room key. The white key if you are female and Brown for males. The reason? Well, the Sky spa is female only and Male only. Yes, they are segregated and this is the norm in Japan. For one reason, you are naked in the Sky Spa.

Located on the top floor. Walk this amazing hallway and enjoy the beautiful Osaka skyline (come at night – it’s amazing!).

Inside, wash thoroughly first and enjoy the indoor hot bath or the outdoor hot bath. They are open overnight from 3pm to 11am the next day, so perfect after a day of walking, eating and having fun! There’s a sauna plus lockers to put your things safely and hairdryers plus make up pads.

The hallway and magnificent view of Osaka Skyline on the top floor at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba- - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Washing area complete with toiletries - a must before entering the hot bath at the Sky Spa- read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Indoor Hot bath pool (Onsen) -very relaxing and open overnight for Candeo Hotels Guests in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Modern Outside Hot bath pool (Onsen) Sky Spa - one of the perks of staying at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba in Japan - - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com

What’s the Breakfast like at Candeo Hotels Osaka?

Breakfast is a delicious affair. Your first instinct may call out for coffee or Tea but I urge you to explore the choices here first! Why? Because this hotel breakfast has a machine for not only for a variety of coffee but also another machine for Calpis, a range of tea and juices!

Wander around and heightened your food senses, as we are in Japan’s kitchen, Candeo Hotels breakfast selection will not disappoint! It’s huge!

From hot food including Japanese style hamburger (You have to try this), aubergine stew, french beef stew with steam and fried rice plus local vegetables. You can experience Japanese style breakfast with homemade tofu and trimmings, natto and tea rice dashi. Awaken your immune system with a delicious ginger broth or Miso soup and sweetcorn soup. If you prefer western style, they have fluffy butter and chocolate croissants, soft fresh bread with jam plus sausages and eggs.

If I could, I stay here and eat for 2 hours before they kick me out. There’s something for everyone here including vegetarians.

The breakfast seating area at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
A buffet style breakfast at Candeo Hotels Osaka including locally sourced vegetables, continental breakfast and a delicious array of Japanese style breakfast - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Osaka Namba Candeo hotel breakfast selection

Additional Amenities at Candeo Hotels Osaka

Laundry rooms – There are 8 laundry machines available on the same floor as the Sky Spa. Detergent is included with the cost of using it and be sure to have 100 yen coins. If you don’t – the reception will gladly change your note to coins. And I’m loving the idea of having laundry machines in hotels, very useful if you’ve been travelling for days.

Laundry machines for guests at the Candeo Hotels in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
Osaka Candeo Hotels laundry room

Vending machines – If you don’t fancy going out -the hotel comes with several vending machines on the same floor as the SkySpa. There’s ice cream, alcoholic drinks, and your usual tea and soda plus an ice machine on every floor.

Smoking room – This hotel is non-smoking. For those who do smoke, there’s a designated smoking room on the top floor.

Baggage room – If your room is not ready yet or your flight/train is not till later that evening, the hotel has a baggage room with a code lock for each bag that you can use.

A public lounge – Sit here and enjoy the beautiful view of Osaka while sipping your drink (same floor as the Sky Spa).

The communal lounge area on the top floor with ice cream, alcohol and soda vending machines available at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba in Japan - read more at www.whatsupcourtney.com
The communal lounge


Candeo Hotel Osaka Namba is one of the best experiences I have had in a hotel. It’s friendly, great selection, clean and so close to the sights I came to Osaka for. Surprisingly it is big compare to the hotels in Kyoto that I have experienced. And for parents- it’s also child-friendly as there were plenty of happy families when I visited.

Truly wish I can stay here for a week and perhaps the next time.

I hope that this article has helped you in finding a place to stay in Osaka and to stay at Candeo Hotels Osaka Namba. If you have any questions or comments please share in the comments below. 

Address: 2 Chome-2-5 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan

Nearest station: Nagahoribashi station

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