Imagine going out on a Friday night for a casual after work drinks in the summer of 2014. You promised yourself that it will only be a two drinks kind of night then you head home, have dinner and cosy night in with the telly.

A few doubles in and maybe a couple of shots, dancing to R&B and rock tunes …all promises flies out of the window! I’m sure most of us have all been there.

And then you get into a riveting conversation about how you had always wanted to do any extreme sports such as Bungee Jumping or sky diving.

Normally this never leads to anything but I had this moment with a friend of mine, Alex and guess what we did?

We promptly Google searched ‘Bungee Jumping Newcastle’ and Lo Behold Groupon had a promotion!!!!!

I remembered how we looked at each other and questioned: “should we do this or are we just being crazy??”

Ironically at that moment, another friend of ours handed over a shot glass each and the next thing we knew, we purchased it!

To be fair, it was on sale! How could we not do it haha!

Don’t get me wrong, I have always wanted to do this but just never got around to doing it. Spontaneous purchases can be good sometimes!

Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne Bridge
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
The crane that we will jump out from
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
The Bungee Jump box that will be lifted up the crane
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
A cushion for when you get down from the bungee jump

The inevitable day finally came around and even though it had been sunny all week, that day was a dark and gloomy day! *Typical*

Instead of jumping off the Tyne bridge which I was secretly hoping that it might be, we were jumping off a crane 160 ft over the Tyne river.

Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
over 100 metres high!

We registered and got ourselves weighed in which I found awkward to do amongst a group of strangers but safety first cause they will attach the appropriate rope depending on how heavy you are.

Then the long angst of waiting begins, we watched at least over 20 people jump off the ‘crane box’ – some were super excited, screaming, quiet ones, one lady was super exuberant prior to the jump but when it was her turn, she chickened out *poor thing* but after a several minutes of coaxing and cheering from the crowd, she ended up going backwards and did it! *good on her*

I guess it wouldn’t be Bungee Jumping in Newcastle without the hen and stag dos, there were a couple of groups dressed up in superhero costumes and a couple of girls did the jump attached to one another.

Though one bloke stripped down to a thong and dickie bow tie…….and yes, that was his erm ‘costume’?

[Blurred the picture a little bit]

Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
Interesting outfit! bit chilly though
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
Supergirl in action
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
Getting strapped on to go up the Bungee Jump Crane

The time came for us to do our jump, I was strapped in really tight which what we all want and hopped on to the cage. I have to say that the gentleman who was there on the ride up was really comforting, he was cracking jokes and chatted all the way up to take my mind of the fact we were 175ft above ground whilst giving me instructions on what I had to do. He really was amazing!

The trick was to not think about it at all and definitely not to look down. The phrase “just do it” is on point here.

I remember hopping towards the edge, placing my hands on the rails and leaned backward, my heart beating frantically whilst the guy counted loudly 3..2..1..and the next thing I knew, I felt the sensation of falling, the gust of the wind on my face as I continue to fall … I remember thinking so this is what it feels like to fly yet fall at the same time?

It was by far the most exhilarating thing that I have ever done in my life and yes, I have no hesitation to do it again!

The only thing that I wasn’t too keen on was the bouncing up and down but everything else was amazing!

Although looking at the video, I was so sure he pushed me off the ledge haha! Though to be honest, I didn’t feel it cause thinking about it now, my mind went blank when I jumped off and all I remember was the sensation of it all.

Word of advice for those wanting to try, just have NO HESITATION and JUST DO IT!

Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK
It’s a great view of Newcastle Quayside from up here!
Bungee Jumping Newcastle UK certificate
And you get a certificate for completing the bungee jump!

Extreme Sensations Bungee Jumping – Thank you for an awesome experience!

Oh and I also got myself a certificate as proof that I did it! *whoop*

And a massive thank you to my good friend Guilherme @DMExperience_who got out of bed and rushed to the location to film the entire thing, and made a brilliant video as well! I can’t thank you enough!

#GoCourtney from Whats up Courtney on Vimeo.

Would you Bungee Jump or have you done it?

Courtney xo