As I said in my last post, Indonesian street food is simply to die for!

Some of you may know about it as they are getting more popular in the UK especially Gado Gado which Jamie Oliver once provided the recipe on his show which I wouldn’t say it’s the most authentic but it is his version I guess.

Indonesian Street Food Gado Gado ->

But when you’re home, you eat! I will almost always have a list of things to do and places to try and eat but nothing beats street food! It’s awesome but since cleanliness is not the best here in Jakarta so for those of you planning to come to visit, I suggest you bring indigestion pills or medicine for diarrhea. This is not meant to put you off *trust me*, the food is worth it and it’s merely a precaution if you are not used to it.

Here’s a list of Indonesian Street food you must try:

  1. This one is called Kue Pancong (Kue = cake) – you will see this almost at every popular street.
Indonesian Street Food Kue Pancong ->
Indonesian Street Food Kue Pancong ->

2. Kue Ape…now this is my childhood. It’s like a crispy pancake on the edges and a thick one in the middle..similar to a fried egg. It comes in a multitude of colours but mainly green or white and is made with wheat flour.

Indonesian Street Food Kue Aoepe ->
Indonesian Street Food Kue Ape->
Indonesian Street Food Kue Ape ->

3. Chicken noodles with Water spinach (Kangkung)

Indonesian Street Food Chicken Noodle ->

4. My absolute favourite dish ever! Sate Ayam with Lontong basically translates to Chicken satay and lontong is made from rice.

Indonesian Street Food Sate Ayam ->

5. And finally, Soto ayam which is chicken soup with vermicelli noodles, vegetables, and prawn crackers.

Indonesian Street Food Soto Ayam ->

….excuse me while I salivate for a bit here and head to Newcastle Chinatown to satisfy my cravings or to Chilli Padi.

p.s: I had a blog prior to called sazzlefox where I originally posted some of the pictures in case you were wondering about the watermark :).

Courtney xx

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