The time I waded through flood water!

It’s been a long time since I last went home, the anticipation of boarding the plane and meeting your family is priceless!

I eventually jumped the gun and took the first flight back in December 2014 and buggered off for a month!

It was just pure bliss and guess what I did, I ate loads of food! I have to say the best thing about Indonesia has to be their wide range of food, controversial but it’s pretty much ranked in the top 3 at least!

People sometimes ask me where Jakarta is and it’s easier to say the capital of Bali island and they seem to get it though I know everyone is not that ignorant.


One of my favourite malls called Taman Anggrek only because it’s only 10 minutes from my house!


Motor bikes are reasonably priced hence it’s like being in Thailand or Vietnam where there are absolutely loads of them but with no sense of direction so you have to watch where you are going if you are walking on the streets.

Pedestrians side walk exist but keep in mind it’s also a road during traffic!


Excuse the poor lighting, phone photography!


You know you are back when you are constantly stuck in traffic. Right, one time I went to Chinatown specifically to have their frog legs and fried eel dish (pics on the next post).

It rained heavily for an hour on my way there and guess what, it flooded and I mean waist deep water everywhere and I am 5ft 3 inches!

It was a choice between staying in a taxi for 8 hours while the meter racks up to a ridiculous amount or walk 5 miles home. I chose the later and got home in 3 hours tops! Always wear or carry flip flops with you just in case.

Oh and to top it all off, a rat casually swam across in front of me at one point! My lowest point ever!

Granted I scrubbed my legs in bleach soon after I got home but it sure was an experience which I hope to never experience again! Though at least I lost 3 pounds in weight ha!

Courtney xx

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