My hair is probably worth its weight close to the cost of a silver doubloon.

Not because it’s particularly perfect but just the amount of hair treatments I have had since I discovered the joys of hair straighteners.

You see, I have this unruly mane of wavy and/or big curly hair which … omg … okay, remember Monica from friends when she went to Barbados… yep that was me back in the day. I seriously kid you not! Though I wished I had her bod.


I spent my entire high school days in a ponytail since I lived in Indonesia, the humidity made it unmanageable.

Of course, even with using hair protectors, sprays yadda yadda – it has taken its toll. It is now dry, brittle and well I repeat, very very dry! Even though it might look good on the outside but it doesn’t feel that way sometimes.

In an effort to make my hair feel as good as I think it looks, I got in touch with Ruth Codinha, an independent hair stylist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, for some tips on how to recover this dilemma.

Ruth suggested hair keratin treatment which I have heard of but not know much about. A couple of my friends has had their hair done with some mixed reviews.

#What is Hair Keratin?

Nails and hair are made of keratin. It is a protein which is a major component in skin, hair, and nails; it acts both as an external protective protein in the cuticle (the outer layers of a hair strand) and as an internal structural protein in the cortex (the inner core of the hair that helps determine its strength).

“Heat tools and various treatments makes us lose keratin which is why hair goes dry and damage, therefore, using keratin treatment will replace the keratin on your hair for approximately four months” says Ruth. Essentially, you are putting back keratin in your hair but you will have to use certain shampoo to maintain the treatment.

#What is the process?

First and foremost, there are quite a few types of keratin treatment such as the Brazilian blowout treatment, the Keratin complex treatment and even Japanese treatment (however this is a permanent straightening treatment and is different to a keratin treatment which lasts for four months).

This treatment uses a formula that is used on the hair to make it soft and shiny, there are chemicals involved and one of them is formaldehyde.

The keratin treatment takes about 45 minutes. “The product which I use is called Kerastraight, I’ll wash your hair then put on the product for 45 minutes, apply protective spray then blow dry your hair after which I’ll use a hair straightener to lock in the product. This product is lightweight, and you don’t have to wash your hair after a week if you don’t wish to.” Says Ruth.

It also helps with Afro-Caribbean hair as it softens the hair and it is better than relaxing the hair as relaxing can be damaging to hair. Keratin treatment is not strong enough to change the structure of your hair but it will make it soft and less frizzy but not permanently straight.

#What’s the benefit?

“Keratin treatment is not strong enough to change the structure of your hair but it will make it soft and less frizzy but not permanently straight. Additionally, it can give volume, all you have to do is to blowdry your hair properly and it will create the volume” says, Ruth. “It also helps with Afro-Caribbean hair as it softens the hair and it is better than relaxing the hair as relaxing can be damaging to hair.”

So in my opinion, this will not only save time, but your hair won’t be nearly as frizzy as it normally is which is a blessing in disguise because I typically straighten my hair twice a day. Maybe that’s why I’m losing hair hmm…

Though I love the idea of being able to walk in a humid or rainy day without worrying about your hair poofing up!

#Notes to think about…

As mentioned, this treatment uses chemicals such as formaldehyde. This chemical has been known to cause allergic reactions and health problems. However, Ruth mentioned “I have been using Kerastraight on my clients, and it is safe for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and I have had excellent feedback.

You’ll also need to invest in certain shampoo to maintain the treatment, and typically shampoo that is sulphate free.

All in all, please consult your hairdresser first if you like to try this treatment out.

short afrohair hair transformation using hair keratin treatment

hair transformation using hair keratin treatment

I’ve underestimated the importance of sticking to a good hairdresser for a long time, switching hairdressers constantly but having one that you trust to do a great job is extremely important. Especially one that really listens to you and accommodates your needs while providing suggestion on how to look better like Ruth who has been awesome in providing her tips on treatments. Interestingly, she also specialises in Afro-Caribbean hair with years of experience under her belt.


Find her on Facebook and pics above were taken from Ruth’s instagram @hairbyruthcodinha

Have you had hair keratin treatment done? Love to hear how it went for you, message me in the comments 🙂

Courtney xx

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