*Disclaimer: I received free wall canvas from Photowall but as always, the review and opinions are my own*

Do you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest oogling at the endless picture perfect pictures of sceneries or cute animals or beautiful home interiors that one can only dream of like I do?

It’s so addictive don’t you think? Imagine if you can have one of those prints on your wall.

Allow me to share with you a newfound website called Photowall 

What is Photowall?

Photowall is a Swedish based online company which is currently the Nordic leader in wall mural and canvas. They hold a plethora of beautiful prints which you convert into either a wall mural, wall canvas or a designer wallpaper – all made to measure. And the choices are endless! I kid you not!

They have images in more than 15 categories including cities, nature, food, animals, beaches, maps including fun options for kids. Their wall canvas is made from 100% cotton, and both mural and canvas are environmentally friendly as well as fire retardant which is always a useful tip to know.

Photowall wall canvas review www.whatsupcourtney.com #interior #interiordecorating

Their uniqueness

With my love for travel and photography, I was considering using one of my own pictures as they have a customisation feature where you can upload your own picture and create your own canvas or mural.

Here’s the best part, should you encounter a problem with your image, they have something which is unique to them – you can ask for free personal assistance. Send them a message with your request or queries about the picture and they have image editors who will get back to you by email with a corrected image.

The process

I was very tempted to do my own creation for a wall canvas, then I came across a beach scene from Thailand with palm trees. I remember looking out of my window when I was scrolling through their images, it was the typical English cold and gray day. The sunshine and palm trees were incredibly appealing, and I thought this was the one! This will be the picture I’ll have hanging in my living room to remind me of sunshine in my life.

The ordering process was straightforward. (Also use my product code WhatsUpCourtneyCampaign2018 to get 20% discount valid till 30th of March 2018)

1. You select the option of having a do-it-yourself frame or canvas only, select the size using their width and height slider with an image for you to see how it will look.

2. Click on the image and you can adjust how you like the picture within the highlighted box and crop the picture. The total price changes according to the size.

3. At checkout, you have the option of Credit Card/Debit, Paypal or SoFort Banking.  Delivery is free internationally, which takes between 3 to 6 days.

Oh, Photowall has a Trusted Shop guarantee for safe checkout and don’t be surprised if a pop up of Trusted Shop shows up after your checkout.

The wall canvas

It arrived undamaged and very securely packaged. What I was most surprised about is the quality of it. I took out the canvas and immediately you can tell the difference between Photowall’s quality and what you can find in the local stores. The colours are vibrant and have a luxury feel to the material. The frame is made of 3m wood, heavy and very sturdy.

What I am terrified of is the construction of the frames. You don’t need any extra tools and instructions are provided. As I am a visual person, I got out their youtube video on how to construct it.

It seems simple enough, you aligned the wood to make the frame and when you have the right coordination, peel off the tape from the wood and stick it on to the canvas then use the screws to tighten the wooden pieces together.

This took me a while to get right. Initially, I followed the instructions, aligning the wood to the canvas and sticking it on but at the end, I realised the screws wouldn’t go through. They were not aligned very well, my assumption was either I got the initial assembly wrong or the wood was not cut precisely to fit the canvas. Using my resourcefulness as you do. I fasten the wood together first, aligned it over the canvas then stick the sides on. IT worked! Thank god! However the canvas didn’t fully cover all the side of the wood but it’s ok, it’s done and looks pretty secure.

More importantly, it is beautiful with vivid colours and brightens my little space up.

Photowall wall canvas review www.whatsupcourtney.com #interior #interiordecorating

Photowall wall canvas review www.whatsupcourtney.com #interior #interiordecorating

What do you think? Isn’t it a beaut! Now I can imagine myself on the beach sipping a pina colada while I work from home.

If you use my product code WhatsUpCourtneyCampaign2018 at www.photowall.co.uk – You will receive 20% discount until 30th of March. 

Which one will you get?

Courtney xx

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Photowall wall canvas review www.whatsupcourtney.com #interior #interiordecorating