There’s a street in Belgravia London, a beautiful street like no other. Filled with instagrammable blooming flora extravaganzas, independent shops, a bakery, and cafes.  A couple of months ago, I headed over for a wander and also explore some of their infamous foodie spots and floral arrangements.

Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

A street called Elizabeth St, a short 5-minute walk from Victoria station and right next to Victoria coach station. Close to Victoria station, Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge, Sloane Square and Hyde Park, it’s conveniently located for locals and visitors alike.

It was my first time exploring this area, and I never knew how close it was to Victoria which is the nearest stop by tube. Somehow I thought it was further away.

You’ll find blooms all along this road, in all colours, size, and varieties all throughout spring and summer.

Floral store arrangements on Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

1. Explore the food scene and start with a cupcake

One of the famous residents of this street is the bright purple-pink corner cake shop – the infamous Peggy Porschen cakes. Possibly one of the most Instagrammed cake shop in London!

Peggy Porschen Cakes in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide #peggyporschen

The queue to get a table is one thing but the queue to take a picture is just something else. However, there seemed to be an unofficial queue to take the best pictures. My suggestion – come as early as possible to get the best seats in the cafe and to get the best shot. Don’t let the queues deter you, the cupcakes inside looked incredible and almost too pretty to eat. A takeaway is a lovely option if time is a constraint.

Queue outside of Peggy Porschen Cakes in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide #peggyporschen

2. Visit the bakery with the original cronut and watermelon soft serve

Then hop on over to the next famous resident (one of my favourite bakeries) for a cronut. You may have heard of Dominique Ansel, the creator of the Cronut – a delicious half croissant, half doughnut creation. He has a bakery here that sells not only cronuts but macarons, pastries, and cakes. One of the best things I have tried is their watermelon soft serve ice cream (Read more about it here). It is served in a wedge of watermelon and it’s just so good! Especially in this heatwave!

Dominique Ansel bakery in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide #dominiqueansel

If sweet things don’t tickle your fancy, there’s an array of eateries including fine dining restaurants, Deli’s and good ol fashion pub! Lots of choices to choose from.

English pub at Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

3. Check out the floral arrangements along Belgravia London during Spring & Summertimes

It’s always nice to walk off the calories and have a wander around. It was just after the Chelsea flower show, and the shops on this street are all decked out in seasonal floral arrangements.

I’ll let these pictures speak for itself on how beautiful they all are.

Floral arrangements outside of Beulah on Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

Floral arrangements outside the entrance of a cafe on Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

From real roses to leafy green plants…

Floral arrangements outside of Luna Mae on Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

to a clever 3d flower arrangement. I had a nosey and it does through the glass or rather, they are very well connected.

Floral arrangements for Donna Ida on Elizabeth St in Belgravia London Guide -> #London #belgravia #londonguide #travel #travelguide

Go on, take a stroll and see it for yourself.

Courtney xx

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