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Definitely, one of the classier dessert parlor I have been to. You are greeted with a classy light wood decor with a delicious aroma wafting through as you get seated.

The place is huge. Head on upstairs and you’ll find glamorous back wall lighting and comfy corner booths, I can envisage parties being held here. Oh, and they have a designated praying room as well.

The upbeat friendly waitresses and waiters are on hand to go through the menu with you.

And you can’t just help going to the bar and ‘ooh and ahhs’ at the delicious looking artisan cakes and an assortment of ice creams and sorbet! Especially on this hot summer day, yes it was 28 degrees in England that day!

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Take your friends, take your family, and bring your date along as you know desserts will always put a smile on anyone’s face, and enjoy!

If you’re stuck on a decision, I highly recommend the waffles.

Which dessert will you go for?

Courtney xx

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