Dominique Ansel Bakery London rose sign, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery

A few years ago, the cronut exploded on to the food scene in New York. I read queues lined up every day to get a piece!

Now, London has its very own Dominique Ansel bakery, and finally, I got to try the infamous cronut!

Nestled at the top of Belgravia on Elizabeth St, around the corner from Victoria train station, is the unmissable floral entrance.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery London front door floral arrangement, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery

It was summer in London when I visited, and this sounds amazingly refreshing! Here’s a secret between you and me…come closer…..I dare say their watermelon ice cream is better than the cronut. Controversial perhaps?

Dominique Ansel Bakery London watermelon soft serve signage, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery #watermelonsoftserve

If cronut or the soft serve is not to your liking, there are an array of delicious cakes and pastries available. The chocolate with the meringue looked incredible.

Dominique Ansel Bakery London array of cakes, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery London Interior, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery

Turn around the corner from the cakes, you are greeted with an outdoor seating area with a gorgeous floral backdrop! I mean just look at that wall! Very Instagram worthy, don’t you think? Come early or patiently wait for space as they get filled very quickly. Oh and the florals changes with the season too!

Dominique Ansel Bakery London Interior rose wall decoration, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery

When I arrived,  it was around 4 pm and all the cronuts were gone except for this baby! Seriously, you have to come early to get one – especially if you want to try different flavors.

I’m feeling lucky, as this beauty is lemon icing with lemon curd filling! So refreshing and tangy, however perhaps it was late in the day and the cronut itself was not as soft as I had expected.

Definitely, need to come back again at an earlier time to try a freshly baked one. Nevertheless, the flavors are delightful and yay finally got to try an original cronut!

Dominique Ansel Bakery London original Lemon meringue Cronut, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery #cronut

This particular day, London was having a heatwave and yes, it really was a heatwave. 30 degrees and boiling!

The watermelon soft serve ice cream in a watermelon is a much-needed refresher.

Dominique Ansel Bakery London delicious one of a kind watermelon soft serve (ice cream), read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery #watermelon #watermelonsoftserve

Dominique Ansel Bakery London delicious one of a kind watermelon soft serve (ice cream) which is a must try, read more about it at #london #dominiqueansel #bakery #watermelon #watermelonsoftserve

Truly one of the best ice cream I had. Imagine licking a creamy watermelon then having the juicy crunch of the watermelon below – double watermelon with chocolate seeds. And you get a red tongue after too haha!

I can devour at least 3 of these. I’m sure it counts as one of your five a day right? or two?

Have you been to Dominique Ansel Bakery London? What do you think?

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