It’s about da*n time there’s a new Vietnamese Restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Located at the corner of Low Friar Street, Ngon Vietnamese restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne arrived in February 2023. It has been a huge welcome since Little Saigon and Time Banh Mi has closed many years ago.

Update June 2023 on food and service:

Their food and menu has improved since they first open, more flavourful Pho though I don’t recommend the mix meat as it came with only one prawn and half a meatball, however the broth was delicious.

Depends on the time you arrive for food, service may vary from amazing to missing items, for example if you come during late lunch, your pho might be missing the side dish but if you come for early dinner, you’ll receive everything. Don’t let any deter you, read the menu well and just keep an open mind and enjoy the food especially the Beef stew- this was to die for!

Plus their vegan menu has increased and more options now.

Address: 39 Low Friar St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5UE

Price: £-££

Table of contents:

  1. Food- Pho & Spring rolls
  2. Vegan Dishes
  3. Rice Dishes
  4. Decoration
  5. How to Pay
  6. More places to eat Newcastle

Food – Phở & Spring Rolls

Let’s talk about the food at Ngon Vietnamese restaurant in Newcastle. They have a variety of dishes, from their summer or fried spring rolls to Vermicelli dishes, Rice dishes and of course, noodle soups. They have a variety of Vegetarian dishes and if you ask, they have a selection of vegan dishes as well. The owner mentioned there are more to come soon.

For our first time, we ordered the Pho Tai Chin (£11) which is their bestseller, the rare and well done beef pho with fresh herbs. The Nem Ran (£6.50) is a must have which were the fried spring rolls with pork and prawns filling served with spicy fish sauce, this was an excellent accompaniment to our Pho.

Their pho was a very good sized bowl, the meat was abundant – very pleasantly surprised by this as normally in other places you get a slice or two but here you get several slices. The noodles were cooked al dente. The herbs came separately and you are free to add however many you like to your Pho.

The table has sauces on stand by if you like to add more soy sauce or chilli. It was lovely bowl of Pho however I did find it lacking a little in the salt area and depth of flavour, and added in siracha. Keep in mind this was on their first day.

Their Nem Ram (Fried Spring rolls) were to die for, no literally they were so so good. Crispy on the outside, and the filling worked so well together, it was a flavour bomb!

Random tip- Dip one roll in your broth and let it sog up a bit and bite into it with the noodle, its on another level. Try it and let me know what you think!

Beef Pho and Vietnamese Spring Roll Ngon Vietnamese Cafe in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Pho Tai Chin (£11) and Nem Ran (Fried Spring Rolls) (£6.50)

Vegan dishes

Visited a second time with more friends and tried more dishes – rice dishes this time.

My friend tried one of their vegan options, fried tofu with rice with lemongrass and chilli (£9.50), and replaced the fish sauce with soy sauce on the side.

They have more selection of vegan dishes now and its printed on their menu.

Rice Dishes

The lovely waitress enthusiastically recommended Bun Thet Nuong (£11), the grilled pork with lemongrass and spring rolls served with vermicelli which comes with a side of sauce. The pork was tender and very flavourful, you just want to keep eating it. This dish is a dry one, so definitely add the sauce that comes with it but not too much, the pork and fried spring rolls are the main star.

We also ordered the Com Cahn Ga Chien (£9), fried chicken wings with rice and spicy sauce. Had an abundant number of wings and the sauce was delicious, it wasn’t too spicy but do check with your waiter just in case.

And finally, the Com Suon (£10.50), their Grilled lemongrass pork chop served with rice, salad and spicy sauce. This was similar to the Bun Thet Nuong except it comes with rice and also a dry dish. The pork was lovely and tasty similar to the other dish.

Wash it all down with jasmine tea (£1.50). Do try their Saigon beer (£4) which was a light beer – refreshing with our food. Will have to try their Vietnamese Coffee the next time.

Lemongrass pork with vermicelli and rice, and Chicken wings with rice at Ngon Cafe Vietnamese Newcastle Upon Tyne
Left is Com Suon (£10.50), Top Right is Com Cahn Ga Chien (£9), Bottom Right is Bun Thet Nuong (£11)

How to pay and order at Ngon Vietnamese Restaurant in Newcastle

You’ll be greeted with a server as you enter the cafe who will find a spot for you. If you are lucky, you can get a table by the window, it’s perfect for your people watching needs.

It’s a table service and they are more than happy to guide you through the menu and answer any questions. Payment can be made at the till after your meal. Cash was the preferred method when we visited so do check if they accept cards when you go. If not, there are cash machines on Clayton street, The Gate or free ones at Grainger street by the big Tesco.

The Decor at Ngon Vietnamese Restaurant in Newcastle

Ceilings lined with traditional colourful lanterns and paintings of beautiful locations around Vietnam. It’s a warm and casual affair. Do make sure to grab the window seat if you can, excellent for people viewing.

Interior Decoration inside Ngon Cafe Vietnamese in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Inside Ngon Cafe

Ngon Vietnamese restaurant in Newcastle is a great addition to our lively city. Hope it stays for as long as possible. Let me know what your favourite dish that you’ve tried?

Courtney xx

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