Struggling to find good places to eat in Newcastle Upon Tyne? I got you! On this list, we have Malaysian food, authentic Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and more.

As you know, food has always been a huge part of travel, it’s what personifies a city or a country and you get the feeling of their culture. Travel might not be on your cards at present, so what does one do? Travel within your city and eat food from around the world!

In Newcastle Upon Tyne in England, we are blessed to have a plethora of delicious food from around the world! Here are my suggestions for the best places to eat in Newcastle upon Tyne. Come aboard and let’s eat!

1. Chilli Padi (Malaysian)

Oh to go back to Malaysia specifically to Kuala Lumpur or Penang! Chilli Padi will satisfy your cravings of Ayam Laksa (Chicken curry laksa), Char kway teow, or Nasi Lemak! Their sambal belacan is delicious. Come here and have your Malaysian food fix, portions are great, affordable prices and get their Ice Lemon tea which is probably the best in town, or Teh Tarik, and have the full proper Malaysian experience in Newcastle!

Explore further and try their mango duck and Kangkung Belacan or garlic from their main menu, and Salad You Teow and Roti Paratha from their appetizer section. You can certainly thank me later! I suggest it’s best to book in advance as they tend to get quite busy and you won’t regret it.

Open Tuesday to Sunday Phone: 0191 230 1133  Website

Address: 6-10 Leazes Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PF

A bowl of Chicken Laksa with fried chicken, veg and vermicelli
Chicken Laksa
Duck with mango sauce from Chilli padi in Newcastle Upon Tyne, it's one of the recommended best places to eat in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Duck with mango sauce

2. El Coto (Spanish)

El Coto has been on the Newcastle Upon Tyne food scene for years and their food is delicious. I remember visiting once, and the lovely waiter introduced us to a dish with pork and blue cheese sauce, and this was the moment I am forever going to trust the waiter’s suggestion. The dish was beautiful! Order it next time you’re visiting!

Their soft lighting, chocolate brown interior with wooden essence gives off the air of comfort and relaxation. Perfect setting for a romantic dinner or a relaxed meal with friends. Try the stew, paella, and potato revuelto, it’s divine!

Open Monday to Sunday from Noon. Phone: 0191 261 0555

Address: 21 Leazes Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PF

3. Dosa Kitchen (South Indian)

Have you tried Dosa? No? Oh my goodness, we have to change that ASAP! How best to explain this dish, it’s visually crepe-like with a crunch, usually made with chickpea flour, and a filling of masala potato. You have to have it! It’s so good, and of course use your hands to eat it (wash hands first of course).

They opened over a year ago, and their dishes have a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, and meat. Try their Thali tray, a tray with over 6 small dishes from curry to fish, potato, and vegetarian dishes, and they replenish your dishes if you and your party are having it as well. It feels like you’re visiting friends home and their mum cooked these dishes for you, a home cook feel mix with a restaurant vibe if that makes any sense! Located at leafy west Jesmond area, visit and tell me what you think in the comments!

Open Monday to Saturday 5pm to 9pm. Phone: 0191 250 9725

Address: 7 Osborne Rd, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AE

This is a Thali tray, an array of 10 little options of chicken, fish curry and sauces with dhal and rice, all of the little bowls are refillable if everyone on the table is having the dish. Dosa Kitchen is one of the best places to eat in Newcastle Upon Tyne if you are visiting or even a local here.
Thali Tray
Masala dosa, a chickpea flour based Indian crepe with masala potato filling with a thali tray
Masala Dosa

4. Albufeira Cafe (Portuguese)

Albufeira Cafe is bringing Portugal to Newcastle with their premise on the bottom of Westgate Road, and their Pasteis de Nata! It’s truly a delicious little tart, make sure to have it with some cinnamon and icing sugar! While you’re here, grab a Bifana for lunch, a sandwich with soft crusty bread, and marinated pork slices. It’s likened to a Portuguese bakery as they have a number of delicious traditional pastries such as Bolo de Arroz, Pao com Chorizo, and Bacalhau.

Open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm Phone: 0191 447 0700

Address: 179 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6AA

A pan of pasteis de nata (portuguese custard tarts)
Pasteis de nata

5. Infusion 2018 (Chinese)

A Chinese restaurant like no other! You will probably not recognise half of the dishes on their menu but trust me on this – their dishes are authentically Chinese, fresh (not like those takeaway grease – those are not proper Chinese food) and Delicious!

Very relaxed setting with tables catering to big groups or the normal 4 tables, and friendly staff who will help you choose your dishes. Try their Kung Pao chicken, Sizzling Bull Frog legs (Yes, it’s good and tastes like chicken if you haven’t had it before), Sliced Pork belly stirfry is a comforting classic, and their Farmer style Pork Knuckle is saucy, full of meat and moreish!

If you fancy noodles, their spare rib noodle soup is one to try – the ribs are massive and very meaty! And for those who can handle their spice, get their House Special Spicy pot – it’s a fiery one!

Open Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm. Phone: 0191 261 8896

Address: Unit 1, Strawberry Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4SF

A plate of Kung pao Chicken and another plate of braised pork knuckle from Infusion 2018 Chinese restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne, one of the best places to eat in Newcastle
Kung Pao Chicken and Farmers style Braised Pork Knuckle

6. Dojo (Japanese)

Can’t have a list of places to eat in Newcastle without adding Japanese cuisine! Dojo on Stowell Street in Newcastle Chinatown has one of the better Tonkotsu Ramen in Newcastle. Their interior is like entering an Anime and Jpop world – Japanese music playing in the background and anime figurines dotted around – it’s sooo much fun!

Their food is a serious matter, try their Takoyaki (octopus balls) and ask for extra mayo – Japanese mayo is somehow better than normal mayo – agree to disagree. They have an array of bento boxes from the usual katsu curry to Teriyaki and both delicious, comes with sushi, and miso soup. If you are feeling soupy, get their sukiyaki.

Opens Monday to Sunday Noon to 9pm. Phone: 0191 903 8582

Address: 26 Stowell St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XQ

A table of Japanese food including Teriyaki chicken bento, a plate of sushi roll, Okonomiyaki and tempura rice, try this at Dojo  Japanese restaurant, one of the best places to eat in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Teriyaki Chicken with Okonomiyaki and Tempura don

7. Kimchi Planet (Korean)

Started out at the Quayside market and recently moved into their new premise, Kimchi Planet is such a gem! Serving authentic Korean street food like Kimpap, bulgogi, and oh their amazing Jap Chae!

Their portions are just right, not too much or little and they cater to vegans well! If you have never visited, then you have to fix that right now! (Especially when you are craving Korean food)

Open Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 9pm. Phone: 07594 379176

Address: 24 Wretham Pl, Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1XU

A table filled with Korean dishes from Kimchi Planet including Jap Chae, 2 plates of Kimpap, kimchi and a bowl of rice and meat
Kimpap and Jap Chae plus Kimchi

8. Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

A Rodizio in Newcastle Upon Tyne and a proper one that my Brazilian friends approve of! It came highly recommended by them, and they were not wrong. A rodizio is a system per se where the staff comes to you with a variety of meat on swords ranging from steaks, lamb, chicken, chicken heart, and more. It’s a buffet with a twist. They give you a coaster, turn it to have green facing up means a green light for meat to continuously come, or red for stop.

They serve other Bralizian delights such as Coxinha, Feijoida which is a bean stew and amazing! Have it with fafa and rice. Delicious!

It’s quite the experience here!

Open Monday to Sunday Noon to 10 pm (Sunday till 8 pm). Phone: 0191 244 9333

Address: 61 Osborne Rd, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AN

The interior of Rio Brazilian restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Interior of Rio

Eat, enjoy and explore more around your hometown!

Note: Opening times and other information are accurate as of Sept 2020, do check their website for updates.

Courtney xx

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