If you want a quickie lunch? Head to Zapatista Burrito Bar. It’s literally a Subway inspired fast food place located just off Northumberland street in Newcastle.

You literally head in, choose the type of food you like, the fillings, salsa and maybe a drink to go with it.

Other options include tacos and it wouldn’t be a burrito bar without burrito haha!

I can’t handle really spicy food *go figure* and they do have the mild option but if some of you crazy folks like it really, really hot, go for the top option! 🙂 and they also have 2 types of hot sauce on the tables if you wish to dine in.

It’s quite affordable but bear in mind that if you are paying by card, they will charge you 30p if I am not mistaken so bring cash!

Tried their new quesadilla dish and oh my freakin god…it is to die for! Cheese and toasted tortilla with pulled pork and salsa with some peppers……seriously what more do you want?!? *heaven*

p.s- it takes an extra 5 minutes longer cause it has to be toasted obviously.





Also did I mention that it’s a pretty good place to chill and have lunch at as well, definitely not boring with the artwork they have and graffiti.



It is safe to say that I am obsessed! It depends on what you get it is quite a healthy and very satisfying lunch.

Visit their website here –  www.zapatistaburrito.com if you want more info.

Spread the love my friends.

Till the next time…

Courtney xo

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